Friday, February 20, 2009

A 12 Year Old Star Is Born.... Wait A Second, That Can't Happen

Does this sound right to you? David Sillis, 12 years old. 5'8" 135 pounds. Ok, he's a little big for his age; lets keep going. Favorite food, pizza. Loves football. Well..... sounds like a normal 12 year old to me. Lets keep on reading. Has the best arm money can buy. Is being offered scholarships to play football for division 1 colleges including UCLA. Has been working with the coach that helped Matt Leinart win the heisman, and Ben Roethlisberger win the super bowl, since 2006. Has been attending the best QB camp in the world since 2007. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Can we please be real here for a second. This kid hasn't even played middle school football yet, he's in sixth grade!!! Now there's no doubt that this kid has talent, but seriously? How are you gonna offer a scholarship to a kid that's in the sixth grade? All it takes is one hit and BOOM, you dislocate your knee, never play again. I may be sounding a little negative here, but he has 6 more long, grueling years of football ahead of him before he actually gets to step foot on a college campus.
Many believe that this kid is the real deal, because of his coach. Coach Steve Clarkson. Steve has discovered many star QB's, ranging from Jimmy Clausen, Chris Leak, all the way to Sillis. Clarkson holds his own QB camp that is fit for the finest QB's in the world. Although many competitors such as the Manning QB camp may be in their way, Clarkson's camp always seems to pull through with the best players.
ANYONE could be the best QB in America if they were getting trained by THIS guy!!! He's a genius. Sillis started going to Clarkson's QB camp when he was only 9 years old. I could just picture it, Clarkson getting annoyed by a 9 year old, but still having to train him since he was getting paid. Supposedly, David Sillis came through after about a week in camp, but lets be honest. If you were 9 years old, and trained with the best QB coach in the world for a week, I'm pretty sure that you would be good too.
Sillis isn't the only great young QB these days. Kelly Hilinski, a 6'4" rising 9th grade QB sensation is also under the spotlight. Except this is different. He doesn't have to grow. He's already 6'4", taller than most QB's in the NFL today!!!
The sport of football is evolving, and it will continue to evolve to every fan and every coach is satisfied with the result. Right now, coaches are in need of more talented recruits. So to solve that problem, scouts try to get players before they reach high school. It's not accurate, and it also causes to much hype that is unnecessary.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

College Football, Starting From Scratch

What does it take to start a football program? Is football in our best interest as a university? How much money will this all cost? These were some of the questions Georgia State president Mark Becker faced when a football program was proposed in April of 2008. Most universities have a solid football program, but like every college once did, Georgia State has to start from scratch.

Ever since its opening in 1939, Georgia State has always had athletics, but never football. Local fans have asked if football on Saturday's would ever come, but GSU's previous president Carl V Patton would simply reply "not in my life-time". Spirits were down, but ever since Mark P Becker was hired to run Georgia State, it has been different. Football is well on it's way to Atlanta Georgia.

Starting a football program may sound difficult, but is a dream of many football fans. Their is no standards to follow. Their is no previous all-time greats to look up to. And their is no coaches that have set the line of expectancy for the program. You have complete control; the programs is in your hands.

A new football team requires a new coaching staff. And what a new coaching staff requires is money. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Some say "you can't do anything without money", and i'm 100% sure that "anything" includes starting a college football program. Not only do the coaches require salaries, but you also need a stadium, a practice field, a weight room, equipment, and much much more. All of which costs a whole lot of MONEY. GSU currently plans to raise their athletic fee for the fall semester by 85$ to help the financial dilemma.

Georgia State, commonly known as the Panthers, are in lack of the one thing that physically represents their football team..... uniforms. It may not sound like a big deal, but the schools colors have a lot to do with a college football team. You can't make T-shirts, jerseys, or hats(more money) for the fans or team unless you decide on your uniform. Georgia State's main colors are almost in perfect resemblance of Penn State, wearing white and royal blue. Since the Panthers have quite a while until their 2010 season opener, there is no stress in making a decision.

One question that you may ask is "How do you get players to play for non existing team?". Well..... it's difficult. Their are no locker rooms to show recruits, no stadium, no facilities, no highlights, just the campus. Since a single season of football has yet to occur at Georgia State, there aren't even fans to support your decision. But some how, some way, Georgia State head coach Bill Curry signed 26 recruits this off-season. Recruits say that Curry told them his goals, plans, and vision for Georgia State football, and many were convinced.

Bill Curry has is a very well established coach, having won national coach of the year in 1989, and has already been inducted into the Georgia Sports Hall Of Fame. Curry is known for making football programs more stable with his old school type coaching, and most expect him to get the Panthers off to a good start in 2010.

2010 may seem like light years away, but I promise you that it's closer than you think. You'll be seeing the Panthers kickin' it up in no time.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


National signing day was over a week ago, and recruiting seemed to be over. Well maybe that's what we thought. Some prospects still remain out there. One of which is #1 running back Bryce Brown.

Bryce has had many twists and turns on his recruiting trail, but none quite like this. Brown said that a call on Monday made by LSU head coach Les Miles may have put the Tigers at the top of his list.

If Bryce does commit to the Bayou Bengals, then LSU will be with no doubt, the #1 recruiting class. Many online websites such as ESPN, SCOUT, and RIVALS have had their own recruiting rankings. But this guy might shake them up a little bit. Rivals might have to reconsider their #1 ranking, a list that currently claims that Alabama has won the recruiting national championship.

If Bryce Brown doesn't seem like that big of a deal, then lets take a little past to present lesson here. Try to think back to about one year ago. Think of the prospects of last year, and who all committed on signing day, and who had the #1 recruiting class. Now think about that "not so important" recruit that decided to wait a little bit longer to make his decision. I think I recall, his name was Tyrell Pryor. The recruit that waited to make his decision, actually ended being a starting quarter back sensation at Ohio State.

Now lets just pretend here for a second. Now what if Bryce Brown, #1 RB in the nation, just so happens to make an impact on the team he commits to. That would be a pretty significant gain now wouldn't it. Just look at Ohio State. What would have come of them if they didn't land Tyrell Pryor, and Michigan did. We wouldn't be seeing Ohio State in a BCS bowl, instead Michigan would have been in the Rose Bowl! What a change.

Brown is allowed to have two more visits before he fully commits. He is already scheduled to visit Tennessee, but the other visit may either be to LSU or the Trojans. The transcendent tailback plans to make his decision on March 12th.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Here is the Queens full first found 2009 NFL mock draft. In depth information on my projected top 10 picks are available in the article below titled "NFL MOCK DRAFT 2009, PICKS 1-10

1 - DET: CURRY, AARON - LB - WakeForest
2 - STL: SMITH, ANDRE - OL - Alabama
3 - KC: STAFFORD, MATTHEW - QB - Georgia
4 - SEA: CRABTREE, MICHAEL - WR - Texas Tech
5 - CLE: BROWN, EVERETTE - DE - Florida State
6 - CIN: OHER, MICHAEL - OL - Mississippi
7 - OAK: MONROE, EUGENE - OL - Virginia
8 - JAX: SMITH, JASON - OL - Baylor
9 - GB: ORAKPO, BRIAN - DE - Texas
10 - SF: RAJI, B.J. - DT - Boston College
11 - BUF: Coffman, Chase - TE - Missouri
12 - DEN: Maualuga, Rey - ILB - USC
13 - WAS: Jackson, Tyson - DE - LSU
14 - NO: Cushing, Brian - OLB - USC
15 - HOU: Jenkins, Malcolm - CB - Ohio State
16 - SD: Britton, Eben - OL - Arizona
17 - NYJ: Maybin, Aaron - DE - Penn State
18 - CHI: Harvin, Percy - WR - Florida
19 - TB: Jerry, Peria - DT - Mississippi
20 - DET: English, Larry - DE - Northern Illinois
21 - PHI: Wells, Chris - RB - Ohio State
22 - MIN: Sanchez, Mark - QB - USC
23 - NE: Davis, Vontae - CB - Illinois
24 - ATL: Pettigrew, Brandon - TE - Oklahoma St.
25 - MIA: Matthews, Clay - OLB - USC
26 - BAL: Laurinaitis, James - ILB - Ohio State
27 - IND: Nicks, Hakeem - WR - North Carolina
28 - PHI: Maclin, Jeremy - WR - Missouri
29 - NYG: Sintim, Clint - OLB - Virginia
30 - TEN: Barden, Ramses - WR - Cal Poly
31 - ARI: Moreno, Knowshon - RB - Georgia
32 - PIT: Unger, Max - OL - Oregon

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NFL Mock Draft 2009, Picks 1-10



Aaron Curry is by far the most versatile linebacker in the 2009 draft class. He can play in any defensive scheme, and can cover the pass better than any other linebacker in this class. Has great size at 6'4", 241 pounds, and will surely be a help to the Lions next season. Most would say that Matthew Stafford is what the Lions need most. But honestly, it is the defense. The line doesn't get a good push up front, so the back seven have to cover longer, which provides more opportunities for the opposing team to make plays down field. Curry will be a perfect match for the Lions with his phenomenal pass coverage, and motivated pass rush.



The Rams need an offensive tackle to replace all-time great Orlando Pace, and Andre Smith is just that guy. Andre is an extremely hard worker, and has great size at 6'6", 339 pounds. He has started every single game of his career at Alabama, which shows great durability, and has went up against some of the best defensive lineman during his career. Some of which include Tyson Jackson, Glenn Dorsey, Quentin Groves, Derrick Harvey, Jamaal Anderson, and Jarvis Moss. Right now, Marc Bulger doesn't look so good, but Andre Smith can easily solve that problem. A lot of buzz is saying that they're looking to draft WR Micheal Crabtree, but WR is not their primary need.



Kansas City has had many chances to win more football games last season, and I think that it's because they're lacking leadership in the huddle. Matthew Stafford is obviously the guy for them. Stafford stands tall in the pocket, has played some of the most dominating defenses in his college career, and has an arm that will bring a huge upside to the Chiefs offense. Stafford has started since his freshman year, has steadily improved as a QB, and has been bringing smiles to GM's faces for the past year now. I think that with the Lions taking Curry first, the Chiefs wouldn't dare to pass over on Stafford.



Seattle needs a good spark to get their offense going again. Although the Seahawks made a run at the Super Bowl just three years ago, with Deion Branch being hurt constantly, and RB Shaun Alexander leaving last year, QB Matt Hasselbeck constantly strives a consistent target to throw to. Micheal Crabtree is a great fit on this Seattle team. He has exceptional speed, jaw dropping elusiveness, and ball skills that puts him in a position to catch anything that comes his way.



With Curry going #1, I say that Brown is the next best thing. Cleveland runs a 3-4 defense, the same scheme that Brown played in at Florida State, which will provide an easy transition for the monster of a defensive end. Having not missed a game in his college career, Everette is very reliable. His knack of getting to the ball carrier behind the line looks to be the source of big defensive plays that the Browns have been looking for. The Cleveland coaching staff might be upset if they can't get Curry, but they should be very pleased if they land this guy instead.



Michael Oher is a very under testified prospect coming out of Ole Miss. He will take on any player without hesitation, and will make a fool of most that dare to challenge him. Has lined up against many d-line greats in college, and this dominating OT looks to be ready for the NFL. I say that Cincinnati has finally found the missing piece to their offensive puzzle. The Bengals offensive line hasn't been playing nearly as well as expected, which has made WR Chad Ocho Cinco, and QB Carson Palmer easily overlooked. With a better offensive line, Cincinnati might make a run next season.



Many NFL fans will be very surprised if Monroe falls down to #7, but I won't. This draft class in loaded with quality offensive tackles, and one of them has to fall. The offensive line is obviously what keeps the Raiders out of the play-off picture, and if I think that Eugene Monroe could start that rebuilding process. Eugene has great size at 6'6" 315 pounds, and I'm not sure if one of those Chevy Silverado's could move this guy out of the way. He has tremendous strength, and has good athleticism for an offensive lineman. Monroe has already helped a team climb out of the gutters in college, and don't be surprised if he does it again in Oakland.



The Jaguars were probably the most disappointing team this past season. Going from the divisional round of the play-offs one year, to 5-11. Like almost every other team in the NFL, the problem dominating the team is the offensive line. QB David Garrard got knocked down more than any other QB last season, with LT Khalif Barnes allowing 7.5 sacks. This draft is going to be a OT happy draft with four of the top eight picks being offensive tackles, but it's very necessary. Having played TE in high school, Smith is extremely athletic. Most athletic offensive lineman help with blocks down field, which is one thing that will strangely help the Jaguars.



Green Bay is strongly in the need for a defensive end, and Brian Orakpo is that guy. Orakpo won the defensive player of the year, lineman of the year, and defensive end of the year in last season and is certainly deserving of it. He was the one who anchored the longhorns defense last year, and might not be the immediate answer in Green Bay, but over time he will grow into a great player for the Packers. Most NFL analysis say that Packers need a defensive tackle here, but with the 3-4 scheme, they probably won't need a DT for a couple more years.

Pick #10 - San Fransisco 49ers


San Fransisco has an embarrassing defensive line, and will obviously draft a d-lineman in the first round. And chances are, B.J. Raji will probably be the best player left on the board. B.J. not only can make plays on the ball carrier, but he can also knock down passes at the line, making a fool of the opposing QB. He knocked down five passes in the Senior Bowl. B.J. is a very consistent player at DT, and despite his small size at 6'1", he will bring it all until the final whistle blows.