Friday, February 20, 2009

A 12 Year Old Star Is Born.... Wait A Second, That Can't Happen

Does this sound right to you? David Sillis, 12 years old. 5'8" 135 pounds. Ok, he's a little big for his age; lets keep going. Favorite food, pizza. Loves football. Well..... sounds like a normal 12 year old to me. Lets keep on reading. Has the best arm money can buy. Is being offered scholarships to play football for division 1 colleges including UCLA. Has been working with the coach that helped Matt Leinart win the heisman, and Ben Roethlisberger win the super bowl, since 2006. Has been attending the best QB camp in the world since 2007. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
Can we please be real here for a second. This kid hasn't even played middle school football yet, he's in sixth grade!!! Now there's no doubt that this kid has talent, but seriously? How are you gonna offer a scholarship to a kid that's in the sixth grade? All it takes is one hit and BOOM, you dislocate your knee, never play again. I may be sounding a little negative here, but he has 6 more long, grueling years of football ahead of him before he actually gets to step foot on a college campus.
Many believe that this kid is the real deal, because of his coach. Coach Steve Clarkson. Steve has discovered many star QB's, ranging from Jimmy Clausen, Chris Leak, all the way to Sillis. Clarkson holds his own QB camp that is fit for the finest QB's in the world. Although many competitors such as the Manning QB camp may be in their way, Clarkson's camp always seems to pull through with the best players.
ANYONE could be the best QB in America if they were getting trained by THIS guy!!! He's a genius. Sillis started going to Clarkson's QB camp when he was only 9 years old. I could just picture it, Clarkson getting annoyed by a 9 year old, but still having to train him since he was getting paid. Supposedly, David Sillis came through after about a week in camp, but lets be honest. If you were 9 years old, and trained with the best QB coach in the world for a week, I'm pretty sure that you would be good too.
Sillis isn't the only great young QB these days. Kelly Hilinski, a 6'4" rising 9th grade QB sensation is also under the spotlight. Except this is different. He doesn't have to grow. He's already 6'4", taller than most QB's in the NFL today!!!
The sport of football is evolving, and it will continue to evolve to every fan and every coach is satisfied with the result. Right now, coaches are in need of more talented recruits. So to solve that problem, scouts try to get players before they reach high school. It's not accurate, and it also causes to much hype that is unnecessary.

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