Thursday, February 12, 2009


National signing day was over a week ago, and recruiting seemed to be over. Well maybe that's what we thought. Some prospects still remain out there. One of which is #1 running back Bryce Brown.

Bryce has had many twists and turns on his recruiting trail, but none quite like this. Brown said that a call on Monday made by LSU head coach Les Miles may have put the Tigers at the top of his list.

If Bryce does commit to the Bayou Bengals, then LSU will be with no doubt, the #1 recruiting class. Many online websites such as ESPN, SCOUT, and RIVALS have had their own recruiting rankings. But this guy might shake them up a little bit. Rivals might have to reconsider their #1 ranking, a list that currently claims that Alabama has won the recruiting national championship.

If Bryce Brown doesn't seem like that big of a deal, then lets take a little past to present lesson here. Try to think back to about one year ago. Think of the prospects of last year, and who all committed on signing day, and who had the #1 recruiting class. Now think about that "not so important" recruit that decided to wait a little bit longer to make his decision. I think I recall, his name was Tyrell Pryor. The recruit that waited to make his decision, actually ended being a starting quarter back sensation at Ohio State.

Now lets just pretend here for a second. Now what if Bryce Brown, #1 RB in the nation, just so happens to make an impact on the team he commits to. That would be a pretty significant gain now wouldn't it. Just look at Ohio State. What would have come of them if they didn't land Tyrell Pryor, and Michigan did. We wouldn't be seeing Ohio State in a BCS bowl, instead Michigan would have been in the Rose Bowl! What a change.

Brown is allowed to have two more visits before he fully commits. He is already scheduled to visit Tennessee, but the other visit may either be to LSU or the Trojans. The transcendent tailback plans to make his decision on March 12th.

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Jeff said...

It's not over until the fat lady sings.